Intex ILMAPATJA Dura-Beam Plus 203x152cm, Sisäänrakennetulla ilmapumpulla


(Sis. alv. 24%)

Huippu laadukas Fiber-tech tuettu omalla moottorilla varustettu ilmapatja varavuode. Pitää muotonsa käyttäjien yhteispainon ollessa 270kg. Ilmapatjojen rolls-royce 😉

Sisäänrakennetulla ilmapumpulla. Erittäin laadukas.

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Double air bed

The Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Air Bed weight approximately 8 kilograms. The air bed inflates in 4 minutes (inflation time may vary by desired firmness). Waterproof flocked sides and sleeping surface for comfort and appearance. The inflated dimensions are: 203x152x42 cm, conventional air bed size for more sleeping area and better fit for sheets. Fiber-Tech interior construction provides superb support and structural stability for a restful night’s sleep.

Fiber-Tech Technology

The Fiber-Tech Technology offers optimal structure and stability to the air bed and supports your entire body while sleeping. The top and bottom of the air bed is connected by thousands of fiber threads for great comfort. The air bed is more stable due to the firm inner structure. Please notice that the air bed might deflate the first three times. This is because the fibers in the air bed are squeezed together by packaging and need time to take the correct shape.

Flocked sleeping surface

The top layer of the air bed consists of hundreds of small air pockets that provide a soft sleeping surface. The horizontal air chambers provide added stability and support.


Suitable for: 2 persons

Maximum user weight: 270 kg
Length: 203 cm
Width: 152 cm
Thickness: 42 cm
With storage bag: Yes
Including pump: Yes
Type of pump: electric pump


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